Render Markdown/reStructuredText/HTML files in Github/Gitlab/Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive.

Some examples: Check Route map for all supported routes.

Features & Tips

  • Customize rendering in dashboard: Click on the toggle at the top of each page to show/hide the dashboard.
  • Live sync: Each page will be synced automatically after 60 minutes since last sync, or after you click the "Sync source" button in the top dashboard of each page.
  • PDF/Print: Rendered web-page is designed to be printer-friendly so you can save web-page as a PDF or print out directly.
  • Formulas: MathJax is supported natively with syntax $...$ for inline formula and $$..$$ for block formula.
  • Lightbox: Images can be displayed in full-screen after clicking on them.
  • Share: Just share the "Self-link" shown in the dashboard.
  • Unshare: To take down a shared file, you should first make it private in your corresponding Github/GDrive etc., and then "Sync source" to invalidate the cache.
  • More help


Total hosted docs: 1831

Long-term SLA: We will not shut down the service, at least redirecting the link rather than breaking the link. Also, our routes are designed to be bi-directionally mirrored with the source link, so you can easily recover your source link from a link offline.

Security & Privacy: For Github/Gitlab, we can't access files in private repos as of now. For Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive, you can use publically viewable links, which includes a hash that prevents other people from guessing the link but our server still needs to download it. So please avoid sharing sensitive Dropbox files with this app.

Maintainer: izgzhen (email to report bugs or suggest new features and we will address it ASAP).